Laniel and its history, illustrated on a mural, 110 meters long

Kipawa lake

With over 2000 kilometres of shoreline, Lac Kipawa has some of the best fishing in Quebec.

Kipawa River Trail

The 7-km trail from Highway 101 down to the Grande Chute, a 90-foot waterfall, on the Kipawa River is well-maintained with picnic areas and lookout points.

Canal Bay

Canal Bay with the charming characteristics of a fiord, is a very popular site for vacationers.

The Village promenade

Pedestrians, cyclists and ATV amatures rejoice. And try our 1.1 km promenade built upon the old railroad, in the village center.

600 sq. km of natural beauty

The Laniel area is a vacation paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with 600 sq. km of natural beauty. The village of Laniel is nestled in a lovely bay on Lake Kipawa, with its 1000 islands and 1600 km of shoreline. A unique experience awaits you in this enchanting resort area. The picturesque village of Laniel is only a 5-hour drive from Ottawa or Toronto.

The Kipawa River Rally

JUNE 23 TO 25
Each year, on the St.Jean Baptist weekend, the Kipawa River attracts canoeists and kayakers from Quebec, Ontario and the U.S. for the annual Kipawa River Rally. The paddlers, who have been coming to the rally since 1986, gather to experience the thrills of the Kipawa River rapids on the run from Laniel to Lake Temiscaming.