Kipawa River Trail

The starting point for the Kipawa River Trail is about 8 km north of Laniel on Highway 101. The 7-km trail from Highway 101 down to the Grande Chute, a 90-foot waterfall, on the Kipawa River is well-maintained with picnic areas and lookout points. For those who prefer a less demanding trail, the Grande Chute may be accessed by car, with a 15-minute walk from the parking lot. A 2-km nature trail is available for nature enthusiast.


Canal Bay

Canal Bay with the charming characteristics of a fiord, is a very popular site for vacationers. The area is adorned with lush vegetation, shaded under cedars and large red and white pine trees. The steep cliffs in the bay are spectacular.



Laniel and its history, illustrated on a mural, 110 meters long : Covered bridge, school 1933, entomological station, train, etc…


Bridge, Dam and Water Level

The village of Laniel has one of the few remaining arch bridges in Quebec. Under this bridge, is a flood control dam which is used to regulate the water level in lake Kipawa.


Pleasant Islands

Clermont and Huard Islands are maintained for the use of canoeists paddling the Kipawa River onto Lake Kipawa. All sites are equipped with docks, picnic tables and outhouses. Both islands have lovely sandy shorelines, perfect for swimming and basking in the sun. Clermont Island also has a popular pedestrian trail.

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